My Blog site for technical discussion

Had always wanted a forum to start sharing or discussing technical details, but been procrastinating it (a bad habit of mine) for quite some time. But now with my career change as freelance trainer & having started my own training institute to providing training and consulting services on IBM ESB, I guess I wont get a better time to start a technical blog of mine than this.

Hence this blog. Now I can discuss with my ex-colleagues as well as my candidates on the technical front and use this as a means for developing our technical skill set.

Am hoping to get support from my friends, colleagues & candidates, as I had been always been getting from them, in future too.

Please feel free to share your technical thoughts / queries.

Thanks, Yuvi


5 thoughts on “My Blog site for technical discussion

  1. Sowjanya says:


    Am glad that you started one, Yuvi! Perfect place to get all my queries to get answered. Can catch you here for sure .. No escape 😜😁.

    Well! Now, coming to the point..

    You are a good tutor and a Great Mentor. Love this idea. Wish this blog soon gets its fame n be No.1
    Kept it going……
    U Rock!


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